Alejandra de Argos by Elena Cué


  • Interview with Yue Minjun.
     Author: Elena Cué
    Yue Minjun (1962) is considered one of the most prominent Chinese artists of our time. He was born in the Heilongjiang province, situated in the North-East of China and belongs to a generation of artists who grew up in the midst of the the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). This was a decade marked by repression and fear, with education based on idealistic beliefs and principles. Intellectuals were sent to the countryside to work in order to learn about agriculture and production, contributing to the revolution through physical labour. Wi...
  • Interview with Subodh Gupta
    Indian superstar artist Subodh Gupta draws inspiration from Hindu mythology and Bollywood. His own life could also inspire a movie: a young boy from a large family growing up in one of India’s poorest regions, discovers a talent for drawing. He attends art school, moves to Delhi, works in theater productions and visual arts. He develops a hyper-realistic painting style where kitchen utensils serve as subjects, then goes on to create large installations and sculptures. Within a couple of years, he becomes an internationally acclaimed artist whose works are sought by famous collectors worldwide....
  • Interview with Olivia Bee. Bernal Espacio, Madrid
    Author: Fabrizzio Morales-Angulo
        Olivia Bee: Enveloped in a dream. Bernal Espacio Gallery, Madrid.

    We all have memories, all adults have suffered through adolescence, and almost everyone has pictures from that age.  Images that take us back to past times of solitude or in the company of those who were special during those years. Images that make us remember friendships already forgotten and sensations that were unique and marvelous in that moment.   Olivia Bee has made all of these moments of her life stay frozen in the images that she has captured, and after being develo...
  • Interview with Thomas Schütte.
    Autor: Marta Gnyp 
    German artist Thomas Schütte has long been one of the most interesting and unpredictable European artists. During the last 30 years, he has built up an impressive oeuvre of visually and intellectually provoking works. This interview is a combination of two conversations which we had, the first one in 2010 and the second one only recently in 2013.     


    Thomas Schüette

      Marta Gnyp: I read somewhere that when you visited Documenta V in 1972, where you saw the works of Sol Lewitt, Blinky Palermo, Daniel Buren you decided to become an artist. Thomas Schütte: I a...
  • Interview with Olve Sande. Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris
    Yesterday, May 15th, inaugurated “Suites”, the new solo exhibition by Olve Sande at Antoine Levi gallery. Matteo Mottin – in collaboration with ATPdiary – asked some questions to the artist.  ATP: I’d like to start from the title of the exhibition. “Suites” is a word that has different meanings in French and in English (I don’t actually know about Norwegian…). Could you tell me about it?  Olve Sande: The structural basis for this show is a continuation of a correspondence with the norwegian poet Jørn Sværen, where he sent me a series of short notes with the measurements of windo...
  • Interview with D’Ette Nogle. Clifton Benevento, N.Y.
    On April 19th inaugurates “Michael Clifton & Michael Benevento and D´Ette Nogle Present: Regressing to Mean“, the second solo exhibition by D’Ette Nogle (1974, La Mirada, CA; vive e lavora a Los Angeles) with Clifton Benevento. Her work is often in service of the host and the particular context in which its presented. Among her works, the video “Culturally Relevant Pedagogy,” in which the artist dances with some of her students from Fairfax High School in...
  • Interview with Iñigo Navarro.
    You don’t make a such a discovery every day. Not long ago I picked up a random stranger, unknown to most, with a growing influence on national art circles. My encounter with him happened out of pure chance, but that’s a whole other story. His name is Íñigo Navarro.     Here’s the conversation we had in full: it’s certainly worth a read. “May I come in?”, I said timidly from the corner of the studio. “Just a moment, I’m getting dressed!” “Oh goodness me, ‘getting dressed’?”. Navarro appeared a couple of minutes later wearing a leopard-skin dressing gown and a dazzled express...
  • Interview with Alex Israel Gagosian Gallery, Rome
    Autor colaborador: Matteo Mottin collaborator.  
          Portrait of Alex Israel Foto: Maxime Ballesteros ©
    From January 16th Gagosian Gallery Rome hosts a two-person exhibition by Kathryn Andrews (Mobile, Alabama, 1972) and Alex Israel (Los Angeles, 1982). Both artists share a peculiar characteristic: they use temporality and contingency as new parameters for readymades, as a sort of renewal of Duchamp’s undermining of the status of authorship. Furthermore, they’re both based in Los Angeles and they’re interested in the culture of ...
  • Interview with Henrik Olai Kaarstein
      Autor colaborador: Matteo Mottin collaborator.         
    Interview with Henrik Olai Kaarstein in occasion of his exhibition ‘Mothers’ at T293 Gallery (Naples)
        ATP:  In “Turning and Returning”, your previous exhibition with T293, you were showing “material collages” made with sheets and towels “found” in hote...