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The Helga de Alvear gallery in Madrid recently presented the exhibition Pentagon Principle of the British - Canadian artist Angela Bulloch .

This artist belonging to the group of Young British Artists is known in the field of sculpture and installations.

Her work is based on the sound and visual effects playing with our sense perceptions . This is achieved by current technologies helped with mathematical computer programs .

Pentagon Principle revolves around the pentagon, geometric figure associated with the cosmos in antiquity. The pentagon star was the symbol of the followers of Pythagoras and Plato's Timaeus , the dodecahedron formed by pentagons is associated with the entire Universe.

This exhibition consists of sculptures that play with the figure of the pentagon , either regular or irregular , math created images that are distorted with a virtual computer program and put into reality.

Wall panels , sculptures, light boxes with those released , some with an extensive color range and other monochrome did we entered the microcosm of this artist 's perceptions .






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The world premiere of Charles Wuorinen's opera Brokeback Mountain is yet another success for the Teatro Real's former artistic director, Gerard Mortier. His genius, intelligence and sensitivity have brought other gems to Madrid in the past, such as Life and Death of Marina Abramovic (in collaboration with Bob Wilson), The Perfect American (Philip Glass) and Tristan und Isolde (Bill Viola) among others, making his operatic career a point of reference for many around the world. One should also not forget the brilliant transformation of the Madrid Symphony Orchestra (established in 1903) under his supervision (the so-called Mortier era).






I enjoyed the libretto by Annie Proulx, author of the novel on which the film was based. Annie was not very impressed by the film's excess of sentimentality. I felt that this adaptation in opera form was more appropriate for the love story between two cowboys in the rugged mountainous expanse of Wyoming. Mortier understands this love story as "a deep forbidden love, unaccepted by society. It is not so much an American story as it is a universal one" -  in essence, the need to be loved, experienced by all human beings.




The score by composer Charles Wuorinen (born in 1938), contemporary and unknown to me until this production, worked beautifully with the progression of the plot and with the singing. It enriched and energised the dramatic love story, making it really take off in the viewer's imagination. The composer's aim, through his music, was to express the overwhelming force of Nature where the story takes place. In this regard, stage director Ivo van Hove accompanies the opera with video projections of the rough , desolate mountains of Wyoming. Only the scenes where the characters' family life is the focal point are more theatrical.





The two leads are played by Tom Randle, a tenor from USA, and Daniel Okulitch, a Canadian bass-baritone, and the music direction is by Titus Engel. This is a must-see event, playing at the Teatro Real until February 11, 2014.


Thomas Schütte


Jason Rhoades


Juan Muñoz


Louise Bourgeois


Ai Weiwei


Matthew Barney


Dionisio González

Galerie Richard, New York


Halong Series



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Matthew Day Jackson

Hauser&Wirth New York

This exhibition of artist Matthew Day Jackson (1974) is not indifferent. It investigates on the limits of human beings. To Jackson "the measurable and inexplicable, power and sacrifice, morality and infinity are all part of a kingdom that has been nicknamed 'the Horriful' where everything we do has the potential to create horror and beauty"
" The unobtainable distance, no matter how small, is an infinity" " Artist go to space. It is a space where others cannot or do not want to go, a space which is real and often dangerous, and they report back from there" M.D. Jackson.



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Bartholomew, Muscles, Nerves and Veins

la foto 5 (1)

Magnificent Desolation

la foto 2 (12)

Magnificent Desolation

la foto 1 (2)

August 6, 1945

la foto 1 (3)

We, Us, Them

la foto 2 (2)

Enshrouded Paris

la foto 2 (3)

Reclining Nude

la foto 3 (2)

Alone in Relationship to the Absurd

la foto 4 (8)

Inside, Outside

la foto 3 (12)

Inside, Outside (Quartered)

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Study Collection X

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Philip-Lorca diCorcia
David Zwirner, New York


The series Hustlers by photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia (born in 1951) were taken more than 20 years ago in Los Angeles, and it is widely considered one of his best series. The photos, taken in urban settings such as streets, motels and fast-food restaurants, are very carefully taken, and their titles all include the name, age and place of birth of their models, as well as how much they earned for the shoot. They're incredibly cinematic.











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Michael Raedecker
Andrea Rosen Gallery


Michael Raedecker Andrea Rosen Gallery 1

English Teacher

Michael Raedecker Andrea Rosen Gallery 2

Group of teachers

Michael Raedecker Andrea Rosen Gallery 3

Dormitory, Model 1:5


 Michael Raedecker Andrea Rosen Gallery 4    Michael Raedecker Andrea Rosen Gallery 5 

Michael Raedecker Andrea Rosen Gallery 6


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