Alejandra de Argos by Elena Cué

Angela Bulloch. The Helga de Alvear gallery


The Helga de Alvear gallery in Madrid recently presented the exhibition Pentagon Principle of the British - Canadian artist Angela Bulloch .

This artist belonging to the group of Young British Artists is known in the field of sculpture and installations.

Her work is based on the sound and visual effects playing with our sense perceptions . This is achieved by current technologies helped with mathematical computer programs .

Pentagon Principle revolves around the pentagon, geometric figure associated with the cosmos in antiquity. The pentagon star was the symbol of the followers of Pythagoras and Plato's Timaeus , the dodecahedron formed by pentagons is associated with the entire Universe.

This exhibition consists of sculptures that play with the figure of the pentagon , either regular or irregular , math created images that are distorted with a virtual computer program and put into reality.

Wall panels , sculptures, light boxes with those released , some with an extensive color range and other monochrome did we entered the microcosm of this artist 's perceptions .






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