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Matthew Day Jackson



Matthew Day Jackson

Hauser&Wirth New York

This exhibition of artist Matthew Day Jackson (1974) is not indifferent. It investigates on the limits of human beings. To Jackson "the measurable and inexplicable, power and sacrifice, morality and infinity are all part of a kingdom that has been nicknamed 'the Horriful' where everything we do has the potential to create horror and beauty"
" The unobtainable distance, no matter how small, is an infinity" " Artist go to space. It is a space where others cannot or do not want to go, a space which is real and often dangerous, and they report back from there" M.D. Jackson.



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Bartholomew, Muscles, Nerves and Veins

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Magnificent Desolation

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Magnificent Desolation

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August 6, 1945

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We, Us, Them

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Enshrouded Paris

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Reclining Nude

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Alone in Relationship to the Absurd

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Inside, Outside

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Inside, Outside (Quartered)

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Study Collection X

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