Alejandra de Argos by Elena Cué

Miquel Barceló. Acquavella, New York


Surprising Miquel Barceló

This Mallorcan artist's latest venture, presented in the fabulous New York gallery Acquavella, was a surprising turn from his previous works. The fruits of this ceaseless experimentation have proved to be very powerful.

This is the first exposition in New York dedicated solely to Barcelo in the last ten years. Two series are exhibited; one is very striking, featuring portraits of the artist's family and friends on linen treated with bleach and charcoal. They are disturbing portraits with a forceful impact.

The other series consists of very expressive/symbolic white paintings where the circle plays an important role, metaphorically alluding to the sun, the bull-fighting arena, the bull's eye...The artists sees these works as akin to paintings on cave walls.




IMG 0372-1


IMG 0366


IMG 0368


IMG 0369

Mére y Marcella

IMG 0367

Gimferrer y Modiano 2


IMG 0370


IMG 0371


IMG 0373


IMG 0374

Eusebio Lazaro

IMG 0375

Eric Mézil

IMG 0376


IMG 0378


IMG 0379



IMG 0380

Vista Alegre

IMG 0381

17 Vagues

IMG 0382



IMG 0383

Plaza de Toros de Ronda

IMG 0384

Plaza Mayor

IMG 0385

Dos Triples y N NW très léger

IMG 0386


IMG 0387

1,2,3,4 M

IMG 0388

5 petites Vagues y Trois petites Doubles


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