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Joséphine. Musée du Luxembourg



 Museo de Luxemburgo Paris 

Josephine.  Museo de Luxemburgo (Hasta el 29 de Junio)

The Joséphine exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg — organized to celebrate the bicentenary of her death — is a great opportunity for lovers of classical art.


This exhibition allows visitors to see the different stages of Joséphin’s life, from her time in Martinique, her marriage to Napoleon Bonaparte and coronation as empress in 1804, to her life after her divorce. The music, culture, travels, fashion, gardens and art collecting present in her life are all witness to her progressive lifestyle and her great influence on the modus operandi of French society in the first half of the 19th century.


History fans and francophiles will enjoy a unique walk through the artistic legacy of this temporary empress (1804-1809) who died in 1814. Paintings, sculptures, furniture, ceramics, tableware, jewellery, precious stones and luxurious clothing are all part of this lavish exhibition.






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