Alejandra de Argos by Elena Cué

The Name of the Rose. Teatro Nuevo Apolo







Excellent stage adaptation of " The Name of the Rose ", by Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco . This historical novel written by the author at a mature age , was a resounding success , becoming one of the best selling books of the world .


The play set in the late Middle Ages in a Benedictine Abbey , the scene is masterfully led by Garbi Losada , responsible for the direction. Sets, costumes , makeup and lighting did you immerse in the detective story . The cocktail of philosophy , reason, religion and fanaticism is materialized with a brilliant cast of actors.


Juan Fernandez in the role of Friar William of Basckerville Juan José Ballesta in his novice Adso of Melk, are the stars arriving at the Abbey of the most important libraries of Christianity and where they will be given strange murders they will have to solve. Friar William of Basckerville will also have to mediate, at this point of encounter, between the opulence of the Papacy and a Franciscan order with vow of poverty and the Inquisition backdrop.


It was lovely to observe each of the gestures of these artists. It is difficult to single out one among the others because his role was more or less relevant , was brought to the scene with great skill.


I recommend going to see this play and go dressed warm to the New Apollo Theatre , where the scenery was so neat , that made you feel like a guest in the cold abbey. I also suggest before you go ,review over the life of English franciscan scholastic philosopher, William of Ockham ( 1280-1349 ) . The main character, William of Basckerville (wink A. Conan Doyle) and work , are based on this Franciscan who lived in extreme poverty , and left a very important philosophical and theological legacy.


Teatro Nuevo Apolo . Madrid. Until March 30, 2014





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