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Martin Parr. La Maison de la Photographie Européenne. Paris



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We're so obsessed with taking photographs that we forget to live the experience

This is an unmissable opportunity to see 62-year-old British photographer Martin Parr’s current work. Parr’s focus has been on mass tourism, a theme he studies critically but not without humour. In this exhibition, La Maison de la Photographie Européenne has given the artist carte blanche to offer his own personal vision of the city of Paris, with its people, its many streets filled with tourists, its museums, restaurants, fairs, its fashion and anything that might have caught his eye as photographer and foreigner. Read more.


Martin Parr's Parisian world consists of around 60 current pieces and some older ones as well: this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on tourists' irrational hunger to immortalize everything they see, without looking beyond that which lies in front of them, without even feeling what they're experiencing.

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Martin Parr Paris